Discover how to change how you feel inside

For quick relief, in under 60 seconds, develop a new way of relating to yourself and what’s happening around you.

Shift how you feel inside when you are overwhelmed, worried, panicked, experiencing deer in the headlights, embarrassed, feeling inadequate, obsessed, off kilter, or just plain numbed out.

How It Works

Through this self-guided, 5 lesson ecourse that includes teaching videos, step by step instructions, examples from everyday life, and undisputed experiential benefits.

Shift from the Inside Out

Experience more ease in your moments, hours, days & life

Become Your Own Inner Expert

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What is Empowered Self Relating really about?

Empowered Self-Relating recognizes just because other people can’t always see how it feels to be you inside, you need to be on your own good side otherwise you are on the outs in your life—

No matter how you look, the size of your bank account, how many or how few social media followers you have, what you can or can’t do, or what other people may say or think about you, authentic day in and day out fulfillment is an insider’s job and Empowered Self-Relating is here to help with that.

We are here to give you a hand traversing your inner terrain, to gently yet powerfully reshape the topography inside in a way that feels like it should to you!

Empowered Self Relating is more than just a set of useful techniques.

Empowered Self Relating is not like anything you’ve ever tried before….

Empowered Self Relating is a new understanding of who humans are, why we struggle within ourselves and how we can stop our internal endless looping. It views people as whole beings and sees folks like you who are drawn to inner transformation as students, who with the right training, are on the road to becoming your own inner experts, not perpetual clients.

Grounded in success after success, it sees people as human expressions of nature and upholds each person’s birthright to experience his or her own unique inner landscape as beautiful, deeply humane, restful and life-affirming.

In this human ecology of self, most of us are unknowingly lying in wait, like a dormant branch in winter, for more optimal conditions or a friendlier season to spring forth possibly for the first time.

Empowered Self Related partners with your ‘as is’ you and honors your unique landscape every step of the way while helping you smooth the way to a more harmonious path of inner relating.

A Few Ways Empowered Self Relating is Unlike Anything Else


Meets You Where You Are

There is no prep work or becoming ready to melt your inner struggles. It starts with your ‘as is’ you.


Gets to the

Through synaptic branches we support the roots of your inner you so your tree of life can flourish.


Ends Cycles of Self Defeat

We disempower the inner looping while we help empower you to be more you.


Trains Your Own Inner Expert

Step by step we help you co-create your new inner landscape so you experience relief from the old & learn from the future.


Builds a New Resilient Path

Land softly in the newness of change so you can sustain your new life of relating as life unfolds.

Live inside a regulated nervous system and discover what it feels like to have your whole self…

What People Are Saying…

“I’ve gained a whole new relationship with myself that I could never imagined before. I am so grateful.”

Patti, UK


Patti, UK

“I stopped feeling and believing I was wrong. I started getting how human I am and how alive I feel. It brought me in contact with my joy and personal power.”

Vicky, Hong Kong


Vicky, Hong Kong

“Wonderful to feel what it’s like to tap into inner relief, not distress. I discovered resilience I didn’t even know I had.”

Wendy H, NYC


Wendy H, NYC

“Superb embodied work. It’s been the missing piece for me falling into place after years of personal growth work.”

Linda M, NYC


Linda M, NYC

“This work is masterful. Makes me feel like a bud slowly opening. It leaves me settled & inspired for the first time in my life. Thank You.”

Kat B., San Diego


Kat B., San Diego

“Beautiful, powerful work!”

Ronda, Berkeley


Ronda, Berkeley

“I found this work powerful and quite lovely and illuminating. It touched my heart and my soul. I have room for myself now in my life.”

Louise C, NJ


Louise C, NJ

“Empowered Self Relating saved my life. I’ve learned to be more myself and to enjoy me.”

Tara W, Berkeley


Tara W, Berkeley

“I am comfortable with other people paying attention to me and feeling OK inside when I socialize. I can’t believe it.”

Beth A, D.C.


Beth A, D.C.

“I never thought my inner conflicts could go away. That I could let go of feelings of inadequacy without beating myself up more. It actually works!”

Theresa, Brooklyn


Theresa, Brooklyn

“I was stuck. I couldn’t find anyone who know how to move me along. This work got to the core of where I was stuck and made me feel I mattered. That was just the first session.”

Gloria, Victoria, Canada


Gloria, Victoria, Canada

Do You Often Experience ?


Negative Self Talk

Inner Conflict


We Get It.

We’re Here to Support You.

Specific Concerns

Struggling with Shame, Trauma, Avoidance?

Welcome, you are in the right place!

If you already know you have experienced trauma, or what you struggle with is shame, PTSD, social, sexual or relationship avoidance, or sexual related concerns, you are in the right place.

Empowered Self Relating is a nonmedical, non-psychological, neurobiological (or nervous system-based) facilitation process designed for everyday people as an offshoot of one of the fastest growing shame resolution models used by professionals around the world, AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®. Both are innovative models of personal development and human empowerment developed by one of the leading experts in the field of embodied shame resolution & trauma resiliency.

Why We Can Help You…

A Personal Message From
Empowered Self Relating Developer

Hi, I’m Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia

When I began down this path 30 years ago, I experienced painful inner conflicts. Although I was widely praised, I felt like what I accomplished was never enough. How to get my needs met in relationships was a complete mystery.

I became convinced that superficial “fixes” touted by so many gurus were neither effective nor sustainable. To truly engage the change process, I needed to shift how I related to myself. This involved rewiring my nervous system specific to my unique life experiences and trusting what resonated within my body and spirit, not just my mind.

This journey led me to synthesize key kernels from the fields of yoga, neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma recovery and resiliency. I began to successfully facilitate my process for individuals, groups and professionals all over the world.

Time and again, it brought me to the same conclusion. The linchpin that keeps all core inner suffering from shifting be it man, woman, addict, overachiever, atheist, religious devotee, creative, or intellectual is inhibition. Once the impulse to block ourselves from what we need finds its way inside us it can live and even breed there. It can loop for years or decades unless we know how to help it transform.

I hope what I have shared here peaks your curiosity. That you are truly inspired to find out what Empowered Self Relating can do for you and your life. As our FREE ecourse awaits you,I wish you the same deep sense of inspiration and inner ease I have come to know every day.