Coming Home to Me

Graduating from Empowered Self Relating Sessions

Is there anything better than experiencing inner harmonyand renewal?
For those of us who struggle with internal disharmony feeling a deep sense of wellbeing within ourselves is priceless. It means the world.

I thought you might like to join me in this blog post to take an insider’s peek at what graduating from Empowered Self Relating session work can look like.

My Coming Home to Me Book

At the moment I am filled with the incredible joy of celebrating the graduation of someone whose inner reality has shifted from rain clouds to mostly blue skies over the 8 months ofour weekly Empowered Self Relating sessions. Her work has been beautiful and moving.

What has given her an especially deeply rooted experience of confidence in moving forward is our going through her session journal.

Keep in mind, Empowered Self Relating sessions have a specific 75 minute structure where we first address nervous system regulation and imbalances, then the actual unfolding process occurs, and the last 15 minutes is devoted to cognitive integration where the mind catches up with all the shifts that have taken place through the physical body, nervous system, emotional self, and any other aspects of self that may choose to show up.

To capture the unique wisdom and custom tools that emerge from a person’s unfolding process,I ask everyone at the start of their series to bring a journal designated solely to our work together. Here session highlights are captured as well as tools or exercises for working between sessions. This process of somatic-based sessions followed by cognitive integration and post-session re-enforcement is incredibly effective.

This particular person chose to name her session journal, My Coming Home to Me Book. Now that she will be flying solo, (still touching in with me from time to time), she has a plethora of custom-made tools, exercises and tips to keep her life on a growth track. She knows she can reply on these tools as they have been tried and true during her sessions and in between sessions in the series.

It is so important not only to experience our breakthrough, but to also gather each cumulative piece of forward moving work we do. By going through her bookshe was able to do that. It brought her an incredible embodied experience of satisfaction and confidence as she flipped from page to page and togetherwe admired each gem of transformation that brought her closer and closer home to herself in a more meaningful and deeply empowered way.

True Transformation is About Greater Wholeness.

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that Empowered Self Relating sessions incorporate cognitive integration or journal keeping into the nervous system framework. That’s when I remind them that Empowered Self Relating is a holistic approach to inner transformation. We engage ALL of us to bring ourselves forward in an embrace with our whole selves.

Ever Try to Completely Deny Your Mind?

Have you ever tried to deny your mind a seat at the table of a big life change or to change some aspect of yourself? Good luck, right? Initially it might have felt like a relief to let go of the mind in our overintellectual-dominant Western world, but how did it go in the long run? Did you get the shifts in a sustainable way you wanted??

When the mind feels excluded it shows us some form of backlash. Actually,that’s true of the physical body, emotional self, subtle bodies and spiritual selves too, but none makes it clearer than the mind that there is a price to pay.

So, not only is it the polite thing to do, to give our minds a seat at our transformational table, it makes good practical sense. In fact, deep step-by-step change that adds up and becomes sustainable works best when we include the heart, the brain, the mind, the spirit, the luminous or energy body, the physical body. Empowered Self Relating sessions usually start with the physical body as an entry point,a front door to the unfolding process, but other aspects of self show up when there is enough safety. This process is an important part of each person’s exquisite journey of developing self-empowerment.

To Be A Living Book,To CarryOne’s Wholeness Inside

The person who graduated in her own words, Came Home to Herself, her whole self. She has her Coming Home Book as proof in case she should forget and pages of customized tools and exercises she knows she can lean into if the road becomes rocky. All of this helps her to be her own inner expert when her world becomes less life affirming. She is realistic. She has no doubtsher relationship with herself has become so much more life-giving, easeful and her whole life has been made so much more workable, and the journey doesn’t end.

The best part is she carries her wholeness with her. Inside her is a living book, life-affirmingpages of companionship filled with ways to keep her on the track of inner harmony and blue sky living one day at a time!