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Let Empowered Self Relating’s body smart, nervous system-based techniques help you navigate the way to a new inner you  this Fall.

Want gentle yet powerful shifts in habitual areas of

Unlock A More Life-Affirming You!

Experience a rewarding, playful and embodied path to greater inner harmony.

I can attest to the power of Caryn’s work after experiencing in first hand at Omega Institute. Soft, yet subtle and fun ways to create change from the inside out. It’s hard to believe, but something definitely shifted! My intention going in was to let go of something I had been holding onto for many years and to find peace with it. I noticed the weeks after the workshop, lots of unexpected new opportunities started to come my way. I believe that it opened space. I love her stand that transformation doesn’t have to be such heavy lifting. And I have a few new tools I can use now when I feel “off balance”.

Thanks, Caryn! Can’t wait for your series at New York Open Center in September. If you are in NY and want to experience a breakthrough in your life, join Caryn! 

-Kori B., Creativity Coach

Join me this September / October

at the New York Open Center,

for 5 Inner Life-Shifting Weeks.

5 Weeks Can Bring a New Inner World
Home to YOU
in the Heart of NYC at the Open Center

Register for Somatic Techniques to Improve Your Inner Life.

Taught in person every week by Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia

Don’t miss this Rare Opportunity to work In Person with Empowered Self Relating’s Developer as Caryn tailors tools on the spot for the class and its participants!

Course Dates

(5 Sessions) Wednesdays, September 25 – October 30, 2019, 8:00 – 10:00 pm (No class on October 9th)

Discover how Empowering Self Relating’s approach harnesses neuroscience, somatic awareness, heart chakra presence, internal/external movement, and embodied techniques.

Through a combination of experiential and embodied exercises, pair explorations, and group work, we tune into our nervous systems. 

As the weeks go by, you will experience more inner peace and relief, have anchored experiences of greater presence, confidence, and belonging, and learn take-home tools that will continue to allow these shifts to unfold.

How it works?

Based upon somatic or body-based expression, Empowered Self Relating engages our physical bodies as an entry point to meet people where they are and harnesses the potential stored in our nervous systems to gently and powerfully allow inner and outer shifts. More inner ease, presence, peace of mind, balanced sense of self, greater empowerment and belonging all take place through these proprietary processes you will discover while a more life-affirming and embodied relationship to yourself unfolds.

Note: This course is more experiential than theoretical.

Rather than hours of lecture or discussion, the cognitive mind is given downtime while the rest of who you are is given space to show up. Journaling, verbal check ins and spoken feedback play an important role in the integration phases. If you’re looking to develop highly effective, cutting edge skills, to create shifts in stuckness, inner conflicts, self judgment and shame, or to just plain experience yourself differently, join me!

“Caryn was excellent, authentic, clear, compassionate and able to relate to everyone on their own terms. Very inspiring to be in person.”

-Sandra CT

Empowered Self Relating

-Sandra CT

“Caryn is a lovely guide who I am so grateful to experience 3 days with. I felt safe and more in my body than usual. The time flew.”

Carolyn C., Austin

Empowered Self Relating

Carolyn C., Austin

“Since Caryn taught me these simple but effective methods I always hug myself tighter now when I am feeling stressed or low and it makes me feel valued. I was so happy to come to the US and be guided by Caryn in person.”

Ezabir, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir

Empowered Self Relating

Ezabir, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir

“I loved the atmosphere of kindness and compassion demonstrated in the work. The value of human connection.”

Monica, NYC, workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Monica, NYC, workshop participant

“I liked the pacing and how much more embodied I felt as I continued to participate over the 3 days.”

Margaret, D.C.  workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Margaret, D.C.  workshop participant

“The workshop was so worth it. Great to feel how play and joy were just right there once the shame lifted.”

Ann, CA, workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Ann, CA, workshop participant

“I learned a new framework for relating to myself that inspired me and worked at home the very next day after!”

Susan, VA, live workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Susan, VA, live workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Play Your Way to Inner Harmony

Personal Message From Empowered Self Relating Developer & Workshop Facilitator

Hi, I’m Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia

I really love showing folks that no heavy lifting is required—how stuckness and inner conflicts can just lift off as if they have wings through Empowered Self Relating.

Sometimes I forget how unexpected and surprising it is for people: to have fun and explore other aspects of themselves as a way to finding greater embodiment, empowerment, acceptance, and belonging.

But it’s absolutely true. Without short-changing or bypassing what is real, present, true, or authentic for anyone, this work partners with aspects of ourselves we usually dismiss such as our bodies, internal wisdom, our natural movement, and breathing rhythms so what has habitually been stuck can shift. And most often does.

Sometimes people are skeptical. How can this work? If it were so easy why are so many of us working so hard in the salt mines of personal growth, in the shadowlands of transformation?

Skepticism is understandable. Our first impulse is always to rely on what we already know. For example, when the mind has judgments or decades-old defeating beliefs, it will look to resolve the issues by driving around in the parking lot of its own negativity. Or, it will take the polar opposite approach that doesn’t work either, the put-on-a-happy-face alternative which feels fake, because it is. It bypasses a person’s reality, emotions, the living experience of frustration, shame, and suffering.

Safety, play, curiosity and exploration take over and what is

life-affirming that has been inside of us waiting for the

right conditions to emerge flowers with the renewal of our own inner spring.

Empowered Self Relating’s approach brings a new understanding to the issues of inner disharmony. It knows that the nervous system, when it comes into balance, is neutral. It can provide a clear slate in which to transform what is stuck, bound up in shame, hidden away in self-judgement, or pushed and pulled through a tug of war of inner conflict.

When we stop partnering solely with the cognitive aspect of ourselves, which we can count on will give us the same judgments, beliefs, experiences as before, and begin to harness more resilient aspects of who we are, we gain traction and stop sinking.

What Can 5 Weeks Mean to You??

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