About Empowered Self Relating

Empowered Self Relating Is a Laser Focused Facilitation Process

It invites the unfolding of your internal landscape—it all begins right where you are and ends up with a whole new sense of you being you!

This page is chuck full of info about Empowered Self Relating. Here you’ll find out what it is, how it works, the ideas behind it, what it takes to get the most out of the work, how people typically feel after, how it differs from other forms of empowerment approaches, what it is not! And other helpful tidbits. We encourage you to read our FAQ section, this includes among other things ‘how it works’ and ‘what it is not’ If you are not finding what you are looking for here, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are only an email away at info@empoweredselfrelating.com.

What Empowered Self Relating IS

Empowered Self Relating is a facilitation process like no other— an innovative & supportive way of transforming from the inside out.

It is a ‘go-with’; not a ‘go-it-alone’ approach that harnesses the life-affirming potential found in your nervous system to give you a more whole way of experiencing the most important relationship in your life— the one with yourself.

Common Areas of Inhibition

Below is a list of just a few examples of how Empowered Self Relating
has typically helped people and can help you.

• Become more comfortable inside your body
• Clear big emotional blocks
• Access your deepest needs and wants
• Tune into and resolve your hidden inhibitions
• Release your old conditioning that no longer serves you
• Be present with yourself ‘as is’ in a new, more life-affirming way
• End redundant or defeatist internal looping
• Resolve your shame, avoidance and trauma
• Melt your frozen and life-long habituated patterns
• Resolve inner struggles and conflicts
•Increase your sense of empowerment and purpose
•Cultivate greater acceptance, confidence, satisfaction
•Get plain unstuck!

Learn More About Inhibition & Other Topics

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A Hallmark of Empowered Self Relating is Feeling

• fully present
• restored
• alert relaxation
• greater aliveness
• empowerment
• clarity
• connection
• satisfaction

• not high
• not ‘keyed up’
• not ‘about to pass out’ the moment you wind down
• not on the edge of your seat
• not ‘charged-up’, on the prowl to prove yourself
• not ungroundness
• not approval seeking
• not seeking the next ‘fix’

What Other People Are Saying

“I’ve gained a whole new relationship with myself that I could never imagined before. I am so grateful.”

Patti, UK

Empowered Self Relating

Patti, UK

“I stopped feeling and believing I was wrong. I started getting how human I am and how alive I feel. It brought me in contact with my joy and personal power.”

Vicky, Hong Kong

Empowered Self Relating

Vicky, Hong Kong

“Wonderful to feel what it’s like to tap into inner relief, not distress. I discovered resilience I didn’t even know I had.”

Wendy H, NYC

Empowered Self Relating

Wendy H, NYC

“Superb embodied work. It’s been the missing piece for me falling into place after years of personal growth work.”

Linda M, NYC

Empowered Self Relating

Linda M, NYC

“This work is masterful. Makes me feel like a bud slowly opening. It leaves me settled & inspired for the first time in my life. Thank You.”

Kat B., San Diego

Empowered Self Relating

Kat B., San Diego

“Beautiful, powerful work!”

Ronda, Berkeley

Empowered Self Relating

Ronda, Berkeley

“I found this work powerful and quite lovely and illuminating. It touched my heart and my soul. I have room for myself now in my life.”

Louise C, NJ

Empowered Self Relating

Louise C, NJ

“Empowered Self Relating saved my life. I’ve learned to be more myself and to enjoy me.”

Tara W, Berkeley

Empowered Self Relating

Tara W, Berkeley

“I am comfortable with other people paying attention to me and feeling OK inside when I socialize. I can’t believe it.”

Beth A, D.C.

Empowered Self Relating

Beth A, D.C.

“I never thought my inner conflicts could go away. That I could let go of feelings of inadequacy without beating myself up more. It actually works!”

Theresa, Brooklyn

Empowered Self Relating

Theresa, Brooklyn

“I was stuck. I couldn’t find anyone who know how to move me along. This work got to the core of where I was stuck and made me feel I mattered. That was just the first session.”

Gloria, Victoria, Canada

Empowered Self Relating

Gloria, Victoria, Canada

Empowered Self Relating

Empowered Self Relating’s highly effective, life-changing process unfolds gently yet powerfully upholding your dignity, respect, agency and potential moment to moment.

Wanna come into a deeper knowing of just how to relate to yourself andexperience your inner life and outer world with a renewed ease, confidence & satisfaction?

Important FAQ’s About Empowered Self Relating

Empowered Self Relating melts inner struggles by accessing the unspoken you that lies bound up in your conditioned nervous system and the wisdom of your yet-to-be embodied self. Incredibly important, it allows you to learn from your future, not repeat your past.

In its unfolding process you discover who you were meant to be and the relationship you were meant to have with yourself before the conditioning, inhibition, and early thwarting.

Empowered Self Relating offers an alternative to top down, authority-based self-empowerment models where unconscious power differentials ironically undermine inner confidence and self-trust. It never gives advice or is based on other people’s opinions, trends, fades or how other people think you should be, feel or live. It helps you sculpt an inspiring, forward moving path to your most empowered self’s front door in way that feels doable to you. Even if you’ve been stuck in the same rut with yourself from the time you can remember, this process can help you end self-defeatist endless looping.

Science Behind the Process
Contrary to popular belief, neuroscience has discovered greater inner harmony, relief or resilience does not develop in a truly integrated or sustainable way by asking someone to do what is deeply scary, anxiety-provoking, shame-inducing or what does not feel right. Instead Empowered Self Relating, based upon the cutting-edge findings of neuroscience, works to continually find‘your unique zone’ and invites you to explore new or different options and outcomes without leaps of faith or unnerving risk-taking. Then we teach you how to do this ongoingly for yourself.
The Facilitation Dynamic
Through a co-created approach of Guided and Guide, the facilitator starts out as the guide in the same way a person is hired to lead you through an unfamiliar, tricky terrain.

You can rely on your facilitator as you would a guide to point out a swamp before you become mired in it, or a dangerous cliff’s edge before you fall off, or a beautiful panoramic view so you can savor it. To get the most out of your experience, your job is to tune into yourself along the way. Only you know what pace you want to proceed, your particular desire to take pictures of wind-sculpted rocks, when you need to stop for water or a rest, or if you had enough for that day given what the rest of the journey before you got there had been like.

The whole point of a co-created process is for the facilitator to guide you so that you will eventually become your own guide the next time youfind yourself in a similar landscape.

The only difference here is the landscape Empowered Self Relating helps you traverse is your own internal terrain. Together with your facilitator guide you are on route to finding a new path of relating to something and someone you have come to know very well: you and how you interact with yourself.

Still, the same understanding holds, there is the rhythm of mutual respect and co-creation; the dynamic of support and fostering ease while in a process of exploration and new development.

How the Process Unfolds
Practically speaking, although you are welcome to discuss what is important to you or to explain something you would like to get off your chest, which can be very liberating when there is presence and trust, this overall process does not advance through talk-based, mental processing.

That’s right, Empowered Self Relating unfolds very naturally and fluidly, not by talking about yourself but experiencing your ‘as is’ you in connection to the ongoing options offered by your nervous system and your greater inner knowing. The unfolding process will integrate many aspects of your experience and life while helping you discover new ways of relating to yourself that deeply resonant for you.

Many people appreciate that they are never required to going to the details of their life’s history unless they want to. Through this process they become their own inner experts at tracing the path of what is happening inside of them in the moment and guiding themselves toward an easeful way to what they want and need.

How Does It Differ from Other Breakthrough Life-Changing Work?
Empowered Self relating is an integrative process where you are guided toward greater and greater levels of integration rather than the disintegration many people often feel after intense boom and bust work that rides the edge of excitement and fear and leaves you in meltdown mode once the stimulation has leveled off.
How Can I Gauge If It Is Working for Me?
Empowered Self Relating is a process that does not lie. You will not wonder if it is working. Your whole self experiences the unfolding and shifts. By the end of your sessions or workshop you know exactly what in you has shifted. This lets you water the seeds of those shifts well after the facilitation process so these benefits can take deeper and deeper root in your internal landscape and the you at your own doorstep you happily greet with the same dignity, care and respect you would anyone else.
What Skills Do I Need?
Empowered Self Relating does not require prior knowledge or skills.
We do not perpetuate the idea that some people are ‘right’ candidates for life-affirming transformationwhile others ‘are not.’

If what You need to succeed at Empowered Self Relating you do not already possess, we will likely be able to teach it to you or refer you to someone.

Because we want you to make the most of your investment in yourself given your time, money, courage to reach out, we have listed what it takes to truly move ahead in this work. We encourage anyone unsure, on the fence, looping in self-doubt or moderately curious to reach out for a 15 minute complimentary skype clarity call. 15 minutes might be all you need to clarify if it is a fit.

What It Takes to Succeed
The desire to have a new and more easeful relationship with yourself. We don’t even need you to be all in. You need the majority of you (if you like percentages, say roughly 65%-70% of you or more) to deeply want the experience of greater inner harmony, relief and resilience, not just the idea of it!

It is normal to have a part of you who is scared, conflicted, hesitant to change, or not believe that you can. If you are feeling like your desire for change is taken over by conflict or doubt, feel free to reach out for a 15 minute complimentary skype clarity call. This work is highly effectively at naturally resolving inner conflict. 15 minutes of clarity might be all you need to get you started.

The ability to focus inwardon what is happening for you in your mind, heart or body in the here and now (we have a free e—course and many skills to help you with this. You might be better at it than you think…) When in doubt, it’s worth setting up a 15 minute complimentary skype clarity call;

The ability and willingness to share your here and now experiences authentically with the facilitator without trying to please your facilitator or change what your experiences truly are;

The willingness to allow the stories, truths, bodily experiences or what you know about yourself to shift based on discoveries about yourself in the here, now and tomorrow that don’t happen from your thinking mind. Though you can rely upon the integration part of the process to buddy up with your brain to make sure it all ‘makes sense in the end.’

What Empowered Self Relating is NOT
It is not psychotherapy. It is not counselling. It is not life coaching. It is not a life-re telling or re-birthing process, nor is it a mindfulness practice, hypnotherapy, EMDR, SE, IFS, or Sensorimotor work.
Empowered Self Relating boosts traditional methods & modalities
Empowered Self Relating does typically boost the benefits of traditional therapy, counseling, coaching and somatic-based approaches to wellbeing, trauma recovery, personal growth, and mental health. As a laser-focused approach targeting a specific aspect of inner transformation, we often work simultaneously with you while you are involved in traditional or somatic methods of therapy, counseling, or coaching.

In fact, upon your request, we can confer, consult and work directly with your mental health provider of choice. We also have a very extensive network of licensed professionals around the world who we can refer you to if it is necessary.

Ready to Take Your Next Step Forward?

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You’ve got options. When in doubt our philosophy is Be Heard.