Face-to-Face Intensive

If not inner ease now, when?

“I’ve had the good fortune to work face-to-face with Caryn. The quality of her guidance, how incredibly she attuned with me, the effectiveness of her methods. All life changing.If you have the chance, you owe it to yourself!”
—Dorothee, Germany

Summer Intensive in California

July & August

“3 days with Caryn is the real deal! So much shifted for me. I just started doing the things I always wanted but never could. I’ve done it once a year for the past 3 years. It feels so good to have what I want.”
—Miriam S, NYC

NYC Holiday Intensive

November & December

Intensive Structure



Pick Your Season & Location

Summer on the Stunning California Coast
3 consecutive face-to-face days
Between July 8th- Aug 21st.

Fall during Holiday Season in NYC
3 consecutive face-to-face days
Between Nov 18th – Dec 30th.


45 minute Skype Intro


Attendance:Face-to-Face — Embodied & Heart-Centered


Post-Attendance:Take-Home Tools& follow up skype session

How Does This Work ?

Unlike other short programs or weekend intensives that look to impose a structured method to ‘make breakthroughs happen,’ this intensive will guide your ‘as is’ you gently yet powerfully to your life-affirming potential that lies in wait.

Explore a new inner you & watch yourself unfold from the inside out.

• Shame, Trauma & Embodiment Expert Facilitator
• California Coast or NYC Location
• Consecutive Sessions Build Momentum
• Multi-session Nervous System Anchoring
• In-person Deeper & More Sustainable Resilience Building
• Cumulative 3 day Structure for Faster Track Outcomes
• On-the-Spot-Moment-to Moment Support
• Highly Customized Take-Home Tools

“After working 3 days with Caryn. I went home feeling relieved, energized and inspired with a clear path forward. ” —Judy, SF, CA

Spark a new way of relating

How Can This Help?

Over the course of 3 days you will spark a new way of relating to yourself. We’ll harness your body, mind, nervous system and spirit’s wisdom along with that of neuroscience, embodied awareness, mindfulness, yogic principles, bio-rhythms, evolutionary biology, movement, play and the most cutting-edge work in shame, trauma and inhibition resolution and resilience building.

Change That Adds Up

Can 3 days really change my life?

Breakthroughs happen. Ahha’s happen, a lot
Knowing there is a bunch of choices that work for you when you return home is so hugely relieving.
What you’ll come away with will be real, embodied and no one else’s but yours.
These choices are gifts for you to discover…

Join me in CA or NYC.

Experience Freedom & Satisfaction

“The FREE 15 minutecall with Caryn clarified for me, in a non- pressured environment, that I wanted to work further with her. In this time I became more clear about what I wanted to work on, and I came away with some concrete strategies that begun to help me immediately. No question it was worth my time!”

Hannah W, PA

Empowered Self Relating

Hannah W, PA

“I spent years (and years and years) in various forms of therapy, coaching programs and personal growth workshops. It was super frustrating, and often left me feeling helpless and bad about myself.Since I began working with Caryn, I’ve created new patterns that not only support me in feeling good, hopeful and powerful, but I am able to take actions that would have been too scary before.“

Nancy, O. MI

Empowered Self Relating

Nancy, O. MI

“Caryn is amazing in her ability to gently help me find inner peace. I have felt relief and joy after just a few sessions. I went from feeling terrible, with serious anxiety and disconnectedness, to feeling alive, confident more secure and empowered. I feel like Caryn is central to helping me integrate the pieces lost when I first developed problems at a very young age.”

Judy B, SF

Empowered Self Relating

Judy B, SF

“I came to Caryn for intense obsessive thinking. At the very first meeting, I had some anxiety come up. The way Caryn handled it left me feeling calm, but also deeply confident in her. I actually thought, “Okay, this woman knows what she’s doing.” I trust her because her expertise is clear. And that, mixed with her incredible compassion and intuition, makes her a wonderful guide for life change.”

Barry, Santa Cruz

Empowered Self Relating

Barry, Santa Cruz

“I have been able to let go of my shame, fear, trauma and self-sabotaging behaviors. I am experiencing a new freedom, a new lease on life.”

Jill, Boulder

Empowered Self Relating

Jill, Boulder

“Caryn is an attuned guide. In my sessions with her I felt well contained, well paced and I especially appreciated her willingness to follow the responses of my body. I felt safe and welcomed at different depths of my experience on many levels, somatic, emotional and mental.”

F. C., Somatic Therapist, Argentina

Empowered Self Relating

F. C., Somatic Therapist, Argentina

“Since Caryn taught me these simple but effective methods I always hug myself tighter now when I am feeling stressed or low and it makes me feel valued.”

Ezabir, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir

Empowered Self Relating

Ezabir, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir

Empowered Self Relating

Is This Really for Me?

Do you long to change your inner life and relationship with yourself in a real, ongoing way … and though you’ve tried feel you have not been able?

You already know that having structure

You already know that having structure, learning a new framework, leaning into the body with proven techniques, and a supportive holding environment sounds like just what you’ve been missing.

You are just waking up to this need for a new way of relating to yourself

You are just waking up to this need for a new way of relating to yourself and your life. You have not done a lot of work in this arena, but it feels right.You are committed and ready to show up and explore in this space.

Holistic intensives in general have been very useful to you in the past

Holistic intensives in general have been very useful to you in the past for transforming other areas of your life and you would like to see what the structure can make available to you in this area.

You have been looking for a new way to transform your inner landscape

You have been looking for a new way to transform your inner landscape and to shift negative self-talk, halted expression, shame, social avoidance, inner conflicts, self-disconnect, self-loathing,unharnessed human potential, or plain stuckness.

Yoga, somatic-based therapies, and other body-focused approaches

Yoga, somatic-based therapies, and other body-focused approaches have always worked well for you and this approach feels like it resonates.

The stars are aligned for whatever reasons

The stars are aligned for whatever reasons; you know this kind of inner transformation is needed and you are welcoming what it brings.


• Our time together will not be rushed, butthere is a good deal of physical activities and Sat is a rich, full, long day.

• There are opportunities to include other synergistic activities & ways of receiving that this office could help you arrange.

Some add-ons the office can help you arrange that can compliment your intensive experience are:

• Floatation Tank
• Sauna
• Yoga and Mediation Classes
• InterFaith Churches Services
• Expert Massage
• Accupunctture
• Sound Healing/Voice Lesson
• Organic Meal Delivery
• Airport Transport
• Accommodations
• Buddhist Meditation
• and more

• There are a limited number of private, intensives with Caryn. Given the nature of scheduling this time booking requires full payment in advance.

Intensive Cancellation Policy:Cancellations made 4 weeks prior to schedule date receive 100% refund. 3 weeks prior 50% refund. 2 weeks prior 25% refund. 4 Days prior or less, no refund is given.

*If you know the intensive format is not a fit for you, or your schedule does not permit you to attend, but you would like to explore private, one-on-one, skype sessions with Caryn, click here.

Contemplating an Intensive?

Go with & Leave Go it alone Behind

One of the things I discovered through the decades that has helped so many people is understanding the importance of attunement— of giving people the experience of being truly gotten for who they are, where they are.

This level of acceptance does not only feed us humans emotionally, it feeds our whole being including our nervous system and sense of bonding. It gives us an incredible and deep overall sense of satisfaction. So intensives exist to make this private, face to face experience possible in a way that harnesses the success of past work or aims to accelerate work already underway. It is rarely used as a way to begin Empowered Self Relating work, but there are exceptions.

Hi, I’m Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia

Contrary to popular belief, humans are not designed to shift what we experience as stuckness, feelings of inadequacy, deep seated inner conflicts, obsessive compulsivity or self-defeat by ourselves, at least not initially.

When Intensives Work Well for People

So people experience attunement best face to face for a variety of reasons, kinesthetic dominance is one. Other people may not have gotten enough quality time with folks when they were young, so it is important for their transformational work to include personal connection that is up close. Other people have experienced great results with skype sessions and want to deepen their experience further or accelerate work that is gaining momentum. Still, there are instances where intensives allow for greater anchoring of shifts and result in more sustainability of life changes over time. Finally, some people find they focus best and have the greatest growth expereinces when they take a break from their home setting, work life or usual relationship dynamics and travel somewhere more neutral or supportive to their needs.

If you are not sure if you would benefit from skype sessions, vs an intensive, or even vs a workshop, let’s set up a 15 minute clarity call and get clear on what are truly your next right steps.


Imagine experiencing more inner ease that adds up over 3 days…

The quality of Your Life is waiting for YOU.

Why wait?

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