One-on-One Sessions

A New Inner You Awaits

Private, one-on-one sessions are the fastest & most immediate way to get Empowered Self Relating’s powerful benefits tailored to your life experiences and the future that awaits you.

One-on-one session work is with Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, the developer of this approach. You won’t do it wrong since it’s impossible to know how to do it. Each step of the way, you will be guided with respect and care. Here’s your chance to feel yourself grow and bloom on the inside.

Session Structure

Empowered Self Relating’s unique 75 minute session structure offers you the smoothest possible experience through your inner landscape as you move through 3 distinct phases completing an arch by the end of your time.

3 Phases of a Session

Phase 1
Nervous system regulation (first 5 to 10 minutes)
Phase 2
The unfolding process (majority of the session where inner exploration, shifts, and synaptic sculpting take place).
Phase 3
Cognitive integration where the mind becomes one with the embodied emotional, spiritual or nervous system shifts that occurred.

Some Common Benefits

• Greater inner ease
• Relief from negative self-talk
• Ending of shame or blame cycles
• More self-empathy, acceptance & honoring
• Less stuckness or fatigue
• Clearer life direction
• Increased level of embodiment
• More positive connection to self
• Better relationships overall
• Greater sense of choices, options, freedom

Who Can Benefit

Even the most harmonious people can do with a little more ease AND
this approach works particularly well for people who:

– Are tired of pleasing those who are there to help them.
– Are burnt out from being bullied or pushed around by the change process.
– Finding good support for your struggles is tricky.
– Have tried many other self-empowerment models and found them a waste of time and money.
– Get angry or feel shame over having these issues.
– Wish you could stop an internal looping behavior, thought, feeling or relationship pattern
– Have found a lack of dignity or compassion in what you’ve tried in the past.
– Simply don’t feel gotten by your counselor, coach or therapist.
– Are fed up with feeling broken or like you are in constant need of fixing.

You Can Expect

• To receive respectful, compassionate, honoring and highly skillful facilitation throughout your process
• To feel deeply gotten in an ongoing way
• For your concerns and goals to be taken seriously
• To experience a shift of some kind on what you are struggling with even if it is only the first session
• To have a clear idea of what is shifting in the work and tools for continuing to allow these shifts to unfold.
• To work with any problem or concern present for you about relating to yourself.
• After a 5 or 9 series it is very typical for you to see significant inner and outer life changes taking shape.

What’s Next

Schedule a 15 minute skype clarity call. Actual time on skype will likely give you a clear sense about whether you would want to move forward.

*Empowered Self Relating sessions are not therapy or coaching sessions but most often, they are enormously transformative. They can greatly boost the work of traditional counseling, therapy or coaching sessions.

What People Are Saying About Sessions with Caryn

“The FREE 15 minutecall with Caryn clarified for me, in a non- pressured environment, that I wanted to work further with her. In this time I became more clear about what I wanted to work on, and I came away with some concrete strategies that begun to help me immediately. No question it was worth my time!”

Hannah W, PA

Empowered Self Relating

Hannah W, PA

“I spent years (and years and years) in various forms of therapy, coaching programs and personal growth workshops. It was super frustrating, and often left me feeling helpless and bad about myself.Since I began working with Caryn, I’ve created new patterns that not only support me in feeling good, hopeful and powerful, but I am able to take actions that would have been too scary before.“

Nancy, O. MI

Empowered Self Relating

Nancy, O. MI

“Caryn is amazing in her ability to gently help me find inner peace. I have felt relief and joy after just a few sessions. I went from feeling terrible, with serious anxiety and disconnectedness, to feeling alive, confident more secure and empowered. I feel like Caryn is central to helping me integrate the pieces lost when I first developed problems at a very young age.”

Judy B, SF

Empowered Self Relating

Judy B, SF

“I came to Caryn for intense obsessive thinking. At the very first meeting, I had some anxiety come up. The way Caryn handled it left me feeling calm, but also deeply confident in her. I actually thought, “Okay, this woman knows what she’s doing.” I trust her because her expertise is clear. And that, mixed with her incredible compassion and intuition, makes her a wonderful guide for life change.”

Barry, Santa Cruz

Empowered Self Relating

Barry, Santa Cruz

“I have been able to let go of my shame, fear, trauma and self-sabotaging behaviors. I am experiencing a new freedom, a new lease on life.”

Jill, Boulder

Empowered Self Relating

Jill, Boulder

“Caryn is an attuned guide. In my sessions with her I felt well contained, well paced and I especially appreciated her willingness to follow the responses of my body. I felt safe and welcomed at different depths of my experience on many levels, somatic, emotional and mental.”

F. C., Somatic Therapist, Argentina

Empowered Self Relating

F. C., Somatic Therapist, Argentina

“Since Caryn taught me these simple but effective methods I always hug myself tighter now when I am feeling stressed or low and it makes me feel valued.”

Ezabir, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir

Empowered Self Relating

Ezabir, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir

Empowered Self Relating

Booking Sessions with Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, SEP, MA

Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia is an innovative developer of holistically-based models. As a somatic facilitator she transforms, educates, and trains professionals around the world in paradigm-shift, life-affirming approaches to human development and growth.

She designed Empowered Self Relating to bring inner self relief and resiliency into mind-body sessions for the general public. Caryn works with people around the world on Skype, and in-person in the California Bay Area and New York City.

For Optimal Results

Caryn offers a first timer’s trial session. After which she offers affordable, highly effective session series and packages. This allows the work to unfold at a natural tempo and pace and in a step-by-step way that adds up and is sustainable.

Our Life-Affirming Offerings

15 Complimentary Minutes Skype Clarity Call

First-timer, Single
75 minute session

Skype Sessions
5 Series| 9 Series| 24 Series

“In-Person” Intensive
Summer CA (Resume post COVID)

“In-Person” Intensive
Winter NYC (Resume post COVID)

Bundle Package
e-book | 5 series | Audios

Empowered Self Relating has been highly sought out by

• Mid-Life Changers
• Burn Out Suffers
• Seniors
• Anxiety Suffers
• Highly Sensitive People
• Suffers of Chronic Self Defeat
• Live Performers
• Yoga fans
• Dancers
• Bodyworkers
• Gardeners
• Healthy Relationship Seekers
• Chronic Shame Suffers
• Mindfulness and Meditation regulars
• Trauma Survivors
• Somatic Therapists, Life Coaches, and Psychologists

Can Anyone Benefit from Empowered Self Relating ?

If you have a self, you have an inner self with the potential for renewed wholeness, and the ability to bounce forward into a new life with you on your side!

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