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Here you will find products and tools to inspire, educate and transform how you relate to the most Important person in your life—you!
This is a digital shop, not a brick and mortar store. It means everything you purchase here is digital.No waiting for the mail carrier, nothing wet and soggy at your doorstep. So don’t forget to retrieve your purchases via the internet.

How To Retrive?

There are two different ways to retrieve the content depending upon what you are purchasing. One is through download and the other link & password.

Read or Listen Items Downloadable
Watch Items Link & Password
When you purchase a WATCH item you are purchasing access to it via a link and password to view from our account onto your device at your convenience. This access is for 6 months.These files are not downloadable and the passwords are not sharable.
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Store opens October 5th 2019!

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