Want Help Getting on Your Good Side?

There is a place inside you waiting to be discovered
Let’s find that place together!


As taught at Omega Institute, June 2019

Do You Long to Melt Your Inner Struggle?
Might some of these be helpful to you—
Pick just two or three of what awaits you and imagine how you will feel inside & out..
Come Discover A More Life Affirming Way to Relate to the Most Important Person In Your Life – YOU!
Lets go it together
Why This Workshop Isn’t Like Everything Else You Tried ?
Unlike other short programs or weekend workshops that look to impose a structured method to ‘make breakthroughs happen,’ this workshop will guide your ‘as is’ you gently yet powerfully to your life-affirming potential that lies in wait.
Explore a new inner you & watch yourself unfold from the inside out.
• Shame, Trauma & Embodiment Expert Facilitator
• Beautiful Holistic Campus Setting
• Innovative Embodied Exercises,
• Guided Movement Play
• Empowering Group Circles
• Rich Paired Explorations
• Life Affirming Safety & Resilience Building
• Live Empowered Self Relating Demo
• On-the-Spot- Support
• Take-Home Tools
Do you long to change how you feel about yourself but you know you need structure, guidance and a supportive holding environment?
You’re in the right place.
You’ll unfurl a new path to re-embody your inner terrain with more ease, relief, resilience and satisfaction.
Over the weekend, you’ll harness your body, mind, nervous system and spirit’s wisdom along with that of neuroscience, embodied awareness, mindfulness, yogic principles, bio-rhythms, evolutionary biology, movement, play and the most cutting-edge work in shame, trauma and inhibition resolution and resilience building.
And you might have some fun!

As taught at Omega Institute, June 2019

Really, life change without slaving away at personal growth?

Yes, really!

Take a break from the heavy liftingwork and embrace the inner ease calling you through transformative fun & play.

Can one weekend really change my life?
Breakthroughs happen. Ahha’s happen, a lot
Knowing there is a bunch of choices that work for you when you return home is so hugely relieving.
What you’ll come away with will be real, embodied and no one else’s but yours.
These choices are your gifts to discover…
What Other People Are Saying

“Caryn was excellent, authentic, clear, compassionate and able to relate to everyone on their own terms. Very inspiring to be in person.”

-Sandra CT

Empowered Self Relating

-Sandra CT

“Caryn is a lovely guide who I am so grateful to experience 3 days with. I felt safe and more in my body than usual. The time flew.”

Carolyn C., Austin

Empowered Self Relating

Carolyn C., Austin

“Since Caryn taught me these simple but effective methods I always hug myself tighter now when I am feeling stressed or low and it makes me feel valued. I was so happy to come to the US and be guided by Caryn in person.”

Ezabir, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir

Empowered Self Relating

Ezabir, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir

“I loved the atmosphere of kindness and compassion demonstrated in the work. The value of human connection.”

Monica, NYC, workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Monica, NYC, workshop participant

“I liked the pacing and how much more embodied I felt as I continued to participate over the 3 days.”

Margaret, D.C.  workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Margaret, D.C.  workshop participant

“The workshop was so worth it. Great to feel how play and joy were just right there once the shame lifted.”

Ann, CA, workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Ann, CA, workshop participant

“I learned a new framework for relating to myself that inspired me and worked at home the very next day after!”

Susan, VA, live workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating

Susan, VA, live workshop participant

Empowered Self Relating
Is This Really for Me?
Do you long to change your inner life and relationship with yourself in a real, ongoing way … and though you’ve tried feel you have not been able?
You already know that having structure..
You already know that having structure, learning a new framework, leaning into the body with proven techniques, and a supportive holding environment sounds like just what you’ve been missing.
You are just waking up to this need for a new way of relating to yourself..
You are just waking up to this need for a new way of relating to yourself and your life. You have not done a lot of work in this arena, but it feels right. You are committed and ready to show up and explore in this
Holistic workshops in general have been very useful to you in the past...
Holistic workshops in general have been very useful to you in the past for transforming other areas of your life and you would like to see what the structure can make available to you in this area.
You have been looking for a new way to transform your inner landscape...
You have been looking for a new way to transform your inner landscape and to shift negative self-talk, halted expression, shame, social avoidance, inner conflicts, self-disconnect, self-loathing, unharnessed
human potential, or plain stuckness.
Yoga, somatic-based therapies, and other body-focused approaches..
Yoga, somatic-based therapies, and other body-focused approaches have always worked well for you and this approach feels like it resonates.
The stars are aligned for whatever reasons...
The stars are aligned for whatever reasons; you know this kind of inner transformation is needed and you are welcoming what it brings.
Workshop Structure


Reading and listening


Attendance: Experiential —Embodied & Heart-Centered


Take-Home Tools

•Our time together will not be rushed, butthere is a good deal of physical activities and Sat is a rich, full, long day.

•There are a few limited opportunities to do some work in the circle one-on-one with the facilitator and held by the container of the group. If you are interested contact the facilitator directly once you have registered.

•There are a limited number of private, one-on one sessions with the facilitator between workshop hours. This is a separate time and cost from the workshop and must be arranged in advance.

*If you know the workshop format is not a fit for you, or your schedule does not permit you to attend, but you would like to explore private, one-on-one sessions with Caryn, click here.

Getting on Your Good Side means Being Gotten

Personal Message From Empowered Self Relating Developer & Workshop Facilitator


I’m Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia

When any of us struggle within, struggling with others to be understood only makes things worse, way worse. Finding authentic support for our inner disharmony or stuckness can be tricky. Many well-meaning people try to help but even the most compassionate souls, when they fail to really get what it is we are dealing with, only make it so we pull deeper into the anemone of our isolation and inner conflict.
I’ve explained this dilemma in my own because I know it from the inside out. I’ve been getting on my own good side for decades, and I’ve spent 30 years helping others transform stuckness, inhibition, trauma, shame, social avoidance, negative self-talk and many other forms of inner disharmony.
I know how frustrating it feels on the receiving end,
when people try to help but just can’t.
I ‘ve made it my life’s work to develop highly effective, compassionate methods to melt what holds you back so it rolls off you with ease, grace, fun, a sense of dignity, triumph and deep satisfaction. I’ve been teaching professionals around the world how to do this. Now, I look forward to being with you at Omega’s beautiful campus this summer solstice to share this way of inner relating.
Together we’re going to share the power of being gotten —
I can’t wait to experience this with you!
Imagine experiencing more inner ease that adds up a little each day…
The quality of Your Life is waiting for YOU.
Why wait?